Vampires and Werewolves

Ever heard of vampires hunters of the night. I first heard of it in high school I was more of a self absorbed prick then. Vampires are very different depending on each but most awake to pure evil and will go to whatever ends to make sure that what they want is what they get disregarding how many lives has to be lost for that purpose while the rest need to survive because they are mostly being hunted or someone they know is being hunted. Vampires are hunted by different people, some are just seeking revenge, some are vampire hunters(humans), some are witches and some werewolves. According to movies older vampires are stronger,faster and more powerful than the younger ones though I just think they are more experienced. Interesting facts of being a vampire is that powers that come with it which is the speed(not the Flash kind of speed but definitely the speedster kind), strength,compulsion(ability to control people),inability to die except with special weapons but the disadvantage isn’t as good as the advantages which is they will feed on blood and most preferably to them Humans thereby resulting in more lives being lost due to their day to day feeding and some lose feelings of anything they love and become ruthless.

Vampire mouth overflowing with blood

The witches are the underworld they can sometimes prove to be more deadly than the opponents but they mostly lose to the werewolves and vampires as most can’t fight them one on one but only the really powerful witches can. In some cases the most powerful are some elders while the others mostly get their power through some foggy way a not so good story to be told.

And then the werewolves they are mostly acknowledged as the strongest of them all but they live in packs and stay in the forest. Yes like the actual wolfs except this guys can transform back into humans. To me they are not really the strongest because most of them can’t control their transformation. Their transformation occurs on the full moon for those that can’t control and for werewolves that have just killed. During this period their bones all break giving them the worst pain ever and as for those that can control theirs they don’t feel the pain of transformation and they are much stronger than the rest. This clan help each other out,fight together,have an alpha and their bite is lethal to vampires meaning any vampire that gets a bite from them can’t last 24 hours. Vampires bite on the other hand could be 48 hours even more. And then imagine the hybrid(vampire and werewolves), they are vampires and werewolves mixed in one, you don’t want to mess with this guys. Their absolutely no way they are nice but apart from that they are more deadly than any of the two.

Werewolf after full transformation into a complete wolf

But enough about that boring and let’s talk about vampires and werewolves. In different tales vampires get their ability through mystical means or abnormal ways like dead bodies not been buried appropriately but in movies some aspect of vampires are ultimately different. The only vampire, werewolf movie I have watched is The Originals but I have binge watched some part of the vampire diaries. Most vampire movies are interesting,barely have I heard a person say he knows a vampire movie that was boring but if you do comment below the movie name. There are also quite a lot of novels about vampires and werewolves. Here is a link of one Click here for the werewolves novel .

For those that haven’t watched The Originals, let me just explain in short what happened and for those that have watched just comment below if my explanation was good and if you feel it wasn’t maybe just comment what I missed below for the guys that haven’t watched it. So The Originals started from The Vampire Diaries where some antagonist vampires who were named The Originals had some beef with some of the characters of Vampire Diaries but like I said I didn’t watch vampire diaries so I not that sure of the origin of their fights. But the Originals were so captivating that the producers had to release a movie about the antagonists. Let’s start the story.

The movie started with a call back to New Orleans. Niklaus had a baby in the womb of a stranger he had sex with while drunk but he didn’t reply the call. It was either he did not care or he was scared but the call the attract one person his brother Elijah Mikaelson. Witches from New Orleans made the call and were making a deal for the baby survival but Niklaus(Nik as some people call while the rest calls him Klaus) refused to make a bargain as he was too red-headed but eventually he did after much persuasions and many other things. The Mikaelsons(Elijah and Niklaus family) were not new to doing unspeakable evil things that they considered as the only way out so this deal made by the witches was for Niklaus, the hybrid to get rid of Marcel and free the witches which he did part of it as he freed the witches from Marcel who was using another cloaked witch to find and kill witches that performed magic on his soil. I said Klaus(I will be referring to Niklaus like this now) did part because he couldn’t kill Marcel because he was his adopted son but so everything got messy and there was change in power in the vampire quarters, you should know the only way for a change in power was for war which Klaus has been used to after fighting for centuries. Klaus wanted the throne of Marcel for himself and much people that needed to be killed for accomplishing the purpose he killed without hesitation till eventually he ruled. Sounds like a hero or villain, that’s your decision but he got his way throughout the season whisking away into victory alongside him Elijah, Hailey (the pregnant werewolf girl) and his sister, Rebecca. This is the trailer of the season 1. Season 1 trailer

Season 2

In season 2 things were about to change for real as many wars against Klaus started to escalate. The werewolves who were caused by the witches to live in the middle of nowhere had started to gather and with Klaus freeing them, they were free to roam about but they could not control their transformation. Klaus who to me was busy helping them had no idea what plot some had against him and he was soon to know that with any transformation of the wolves they would be drawing power from his body. He got double betrayed by the witch who freed the wolves and by the wolves themselves but eventually they also would end up as trophies for the Originals but the season was only beginning. Unknown to him his mother had resurrected and had resurrected Klaus’s two brothers Kol and Finn. The family reunion for Klaus and his siblings just had to come at an inopportuned time. Klaus had thought some crazy witch had taken his werewolves but after sitting and listening to the young girl talking he discovered the girl wasn’t been led by his mother but was his mother. As usual he went back to his abode to tell Elijah of the news and then it became worse. Elijah told him he encountered their father a few minutes ago. They were all confused on who to kill first as both parents would kill them on first chance

After having a reunion with his mother which involved both brothers Kol and Finn to be present they realized how little they had looked at their problem. To take down their mother he made a family offer(Obviously when their mother wasn’t there) on teaming up to kill their mother and only Kol agreed but Finn looked the other way. They cooked up their plan on how to eliminate their mother who was a more much bigger threat than the father who barely came out. They did end up being successful as the mother thought she was winning had everything she needed and even decided to sip her drink which was filled with vampire blood and then they killed her to become the very thing she turned them to be “vampires”. You would think that is the end but it was the beginning of family reunion. Finn who they later defeated was a pain to them but ultimately he was defeated while somehow their sister Freiya had returned to town. Now I know their family has a long history and it is best watching the entire seasons to find that. You can go to to get all the seasons.

Freiya who they thought had died since they were all kids was here again and she had even bigger news after healing Finn. She told them all she never died and that she had even visited them before in the 19th century. She very much did not like the family violence but she was yet to show which side she was on which made both sides unsure of if they could trust her. What made it even more unnerving was that she saved Rebecca who was going through some different kind of drama. Freiya had already reunited with her dad which for the first time ever wasn’t willing to kill his children. Freiya told them about how she been trapped for centuries to live a day in a century thereby keeping her immortal and the new villain name was aunt Dahlia who would soon come to hunt them. Here is the trailer Season 2 Trailer

I’m sorry this is where I come to a conclusion. If you want a detailed story about the episode comment “I want it all” but if you want to hear about the next seasons comment “Continue” and if you want more generally comment ” I want more”. If you loved this I bet you will love this Werewolves. Tick or click on notify me to get notified on more interesting stuffs from us. Ciao.

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